Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Gratitude

Day 7 - Whoa! A coffee that "pairs well with: chocolate chip cookies"?  Is there anything that doesn't pair well with a chocolate chip cookie?  Passing Starbucks and saw this nice fall display and was grateful to see that SOMEBODY doesn't have their Christmas decor up yet. Can't we just please celebrate the holidays as they come instead of jumping ahead?

Day 8 - Yes, this is our weather right now. November is one of  my favorite months -- the heat is gone (I know, this would seem like heat to a lot of you but heat for us is 110!) with cool mornings and evenings and warm, sunny days.  Grateful for every one of them because it will be cold in a few short weeks, or at least what passes for cold in the Arizona desert.

Day 9 - So grateful the way photography has taught me to pay attention to everything around me. Even this common yucca caught my eye while I was out walking. I noticed the texture of all the "teeth" along the edge of each blade and the wonderful blues and greens.  The shadowing technique was taught to me by an Instagram friend and I am grateful for that as well.

Day 10 - So very grateful to live where these kinds of hiking trails are right outside my door and even more grateful for these two, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. It was her first hike at almost two and she loved it!

Busy, busy week ahead with lots of photo opportunities, so I'll be back soon!


  1. Okay, I'm with you...I don't think there is a coffee that wouldn't be great with a cookie (especially with french vanilla creamer, right?) - yep, I too love November. We are a little cooler than that, but still in the 70's. Love that shadow technique, it looks like it's floating. And, LoVe the scenery in this last one...hiking at two :)

    Was just about to ask you where 7, 8, 9 and 10 were!

  2. Mmmm coffee and a cookie what could be better !

  3. Completely agree about the holidays. Thanksgiving always seems like a missed holiday because of Christmas. I still cringe when I hear Christmas music in November.