Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fabulous Photography Friends

It is always so much fun to get together with other women photographers, people who understand when you stop to take a photo of a leaf or a heart-shaped prickly pear pad. People who will walk slowly through the garden taking it all in and capturing it all with their cameras. People like me.

Yesterday was just such a day.  I had the privilege of getting together with these beautiful women at the Desert Botanical Gardens: l-r Barbara Hurst from Anthem, Deanna Swauger from Chicago and Barb Brookbank from Alberta, Canada.  Of course, I have known Barbara Hurst for quite some time since we both live here. Deanna comes to visit friends a few times a year and we always get together but this was the first time we had met Barb Brookbank.  I read all of their blogs daily and felt like I knew them long before the first in-person meeting took place.  But it was like we had known each other forever.

The Chihuly glass exhibit is going on at the botanical gardens and so that was a bonus. There were shades of blue:

And purple:

And some yellow and red:

But I really prefer to focus my lens on the natural elements in the garden like my favorite agave:

And the blooming aloes that were all around:

These beauties will be here long after the Chihuly exhibit has gone, always changing, always beautiful. So much fun to be able to share this place I love with friends from near and far.

We have a couple of more days planned together and I can hardly wait!


  1. Glad I gave you the nudge to get this up, you really need to keep this up my friend. Such talent needs to be seen here. I cherish our friendship and our times together so easy so much to talk about and so much fun, so many more things to explore. Beautiful photography.

  2. Just amazing photos. Have fun with all the ladies.

  3. I've seen the posts from the other three so I'm delighted to find myself here with your unexpected post! You picked a good time to crank up the old blog. Such lovely photos, evidence of a fun day with some great gals. Each has her own 'eye' and style but all four presented lovely photos and it's so nice to get a feel for your day together.

  4. I so enjoyed reading this - Barbara is right, you need to share your talents!

  5. Oh what a delight to see this post. And yes, it is amazing how we each saw the same things, but each of us captured the beauty in different eyes. It was a day to be remembered with my tribe. What a treat and more to come.....whoopee!!

  6. love this post and adore all your pictures terri! beautiful!

  7. Looks like you girls had a wonderful day! I have seen a Chihuly exhibit once but it was inside. I would love to seen one in a beautiful garden! And, beautiful garden this is. You have an amazing talent to capture the beauty of desert flowers and plants!

  8. Yes, you need to post more often...start with once a week on the same day, it will become a habit. I was really hoping the exhibit would come again somewhere by me this was so beautiful in Dallas! Beautiful ladies and pics!