Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morning Feast


This morning after a trip to drop Robert off at the airport I passed this saguaro only two blocks from home that was full of birds feasting on the fruit.  It was full of blooms only a few short weeks ago and now those blooms have turned to fruit.  This is a thrasher but there were doves getting their fill as well.  I quickly drove home and grabbed my camera and went back and luckily they were still there.  It's almost too hot to go out and shoot (111 degrees and record-breaking heat yesterday) but I was able to get this from my air conditioned car! Can you see that little bit of fruit clinging to his beak?  It made me happy to be able to capture this.


  1. Stunning capture!! So glad they waited for you!

  2. Good shot Terri, from the car and in full sun. Great find